Introduction of Saham Machinery

      Huaian Saham Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd. is reliable service partner for the wire and cable industry, we have more than 8 years experience in producing and manufacturing. Our main products are annealing nickel band/ring, annealing nickel tube/contact tube for annealer in wire drawing machines, and other wear parts, e.g. drawing capstans, wire pulleys, which used for Frigeco /Niehoff /Samp /DAW /Henrich /Eurodraw /Pioneer/ Yongxiong /Sanfeng and in various dimensions for customer request.

      We have cooperated with many famous Cable plants and wire machinery plants at home and abroad . As manufacturer, we could provide products with good quality, quick delivery  and excellent after-sales services to our clients, meanwhile, we are also recognized by our clients all around the world.

Main Product