About us

Huaian Chunhan Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a professional accessories and peripheral equipment operating cable machinery enterprises, Chinese company is foreign home accessories factory agent can provide import and domestic wire drawing machine, wire machine, extrusion machine spare parts purchase one-stop service for customers, and customers to reduce procurement costs provide excellent customer service for customer service.

Three Shanghai Han Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd and Taiwan quanya Trading Co., Ltd. established a joint venture in Huaian Chunhan Machinery Manufacturing Co., China factory is located in the historical and cultural city of Jiangsu in Huaian.

Chunhan mechanical integration of advanced experience of Italy and Germany famous cable equipment manufacturers, the company's strategy is to provide special electrical equipment advanced, stable and excellent customer for wire and cable.

With the annealed nickel / copper strip with Chunhan machinery specializing in the production of wire drawing machine, annealing copper tube and long nickel emulsion filter, oil filter and aluminum wire drawing products such as disc spreader stitches drawing machine, advanced manufacturing technology, performance can reach the leading level at present in Europe, is the domestic and foreign many famous drawing equipment manufacturers supporting products and by many domestic and foreign large-scale copper producers and cable makers.

Chunhan machinery's goal is to become one of your reliable and trustworthy partner, we will stride for this goal.